Northern Colorado Christian Academy exists to serve parents by equipping students with tools for a lifetime of learning so that they are intellectually prepared, spiritually firm, and can think and reason within the framework of a biblical worldview. We believe that God has given parents responsibility for the training, education, and nurturing of their children (Deuteronomy 6:10).  We see the school’s role as that of enabling, serving, honoring, and assisting parents in this task.  We are committed to a classical model of education with high spiritual and academic standards and a strong emphasis on the “basics.”  We strive to teach all subjects as an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center of our curriculum and with the ultimate goal of developing well-educated students who know and love God.

As a classical Christian school our academic philosophy is to pass on the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that God has providentially preserved through the heritage of the Christian west.  We use traditional, teacher-oriented methods and curriculum that emphasize the good, the true and the beautiful to instill wisdom and virtue in all of our students.  We believe that our children will be better able to serve God, understand life, and succeed in their personal futures if they are equipped with a solid base of knowledge grounded in biblical truth.

Philosophy of Christian School Education

1.  All knowledge and wisdom begins and ends with God.
2.  The Bible is God’s special infallible revelation to mankind, inerrant in the original manuscripts, and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
3.  Education is a growth process including teaching, instructing, training, correction, and disciplining. It must be based upon the total developmental needs of the individual learner as far as possible.
4.  The primary responsibility for the education of children lies with parents as delineated by God in His Word.
5.  In the Christian school the teacher, called of God and gifted in teaching, assumes a share of the responsibility of the parent to educate children in accordance with a Christian worldview.
6.  Through fulfillment of this awesome, shared responsibility in obedience to God, parents and teachers reap honor from their children and blessings from the Lord.