Welcome to NCCA
(Northern Colorado Christian Academy)


Northern Colorado Christian Academy exists to help children become leaders by promoting knowledge, understanding, wisdom and virtuous character all for the Glory of God.


Our mission at Northern Colorado Christian Academy is to promote academic integrity and excellence, as well as to inspire and equip children to become lifelong learners. We acknowledge and affirm that God’s word is the truth and will proclaim Christ as our Savior. It is our constant endeavor to declare that everything we do is for the Glory of God.


As a classical Christian school our academic philosophy is to pass on the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that God has providentially preserved through the heritage of the Christian west. We use traditional, teacher-oriented methods and curriculum that emphasize the good, the true and the beautiful to instill wisdom and virtue in all of our students. Through our classical liberal arts focus, we are able to provide continuity in learning and in virtue that will equip our students to serve God according to His will.


Open Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year

Contact the school for details or if you have questions. Scholarships are available.  Email info@nocochristian.org for more information. 

Now Accepting Teacher Applications

Are you a teacher? If you or someone you know would be interested in teaching in a classical, Christian environment please e-mail info@nocochristian.org! We’re accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.

Click here to review the NCCA Teacher Job Description.

Lower School Building Access

To access the building if you come to visit, please use the South East door (There is NCCA sign by it). There is a doorbell that you will be able to ring to gain access. All of the doors are locked during the day, so you will need to ring the door bell to be let in.

NCCA Notice

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